Wiek formacji Tiouaren

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Wiek formacji Tiouaren

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Rauhut O.W.M. & LĂłpez-Arbarello A., 2009 - Considerations on the age of the Tiouaren Formation (Iullemmeden Basin, Niger, Africa): Implications for Gondwanan Mesozoic terrestrial vertebrate faunas. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 271: 259–267.

Pre-Aptian mid-Mesozoic terrestrial vertebrates from the African continent are still very poorly known. In Niger, the Tiouaren Formation in the Iullemmeden Basin has yielded dinosaur and other vertebrate remains, and this unit has been dated as Early Cretaceous, most probably pre-Aptian, on the basis of its fish fauna and geological relations to other units in the basin. A review of the fish fauna and invertebrates from this formation does not provide any evidence for such an age, and the geological relations only help to constrain the upper limit for the age of the formation (Aptian). In contrast, the described dinosaur taxa are phylogenetically nested with late Middle Jurassic to Early Late Jurassic taxa from other localities, and thus indicate a pre-Kimmeridgian, probably late Middle Jurassic age for the Tiouaren Formation. Under the assumption of such an age, the dinosaur fauna of this formation provides new insights into dinosaur faunal provincialism during the latest Middle Jurassic. Northern Gondwanan faunas of that time seem to have been different from southern Gondwanan faunas, and show closer affinities to Eurasian faunas than to the latter. A possible explanation for this might be a climatically controlled geographic barrier due to pronounced arid conditions and thus desert environments in central Gondwana during this time.
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Afrovenator, Jobaria i Spinostropheus, których wiek obecnie określa sie na późną środkową jurę - 167-161 Ma, co jest zgodne z ich statusem w filogenezie.

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