tropy z Arktyki, tropy z Chorwacji

Czyli wszystko o świadkach historii naszej planety z ostatnich kilkuset milionów lat
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tropy z Arktyki, tropy z Chorwacji

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Hurum, J., Milan, J., Hammer, O., Midtkandal, I., Amundsen, H. & Saether, B. 2006. Tracking polar dinosaurs - new finds from the Lower Cretaceous of Svalbard. Norwegian Journal of Geology 86: 397-402.
A new discovery of ornithopod dinosaur tracks from Svalbard is described. The Lower Cretaceous (Barremian) section at Isfjorden consists of sandstones and interbeds consistent with an alluvial flood plane. The newly discovered tracks are situated on two different horizons stratigraphically below the original horizon found in 1960. Footprint evidence from Festningen and Kvalvågen suggests that during the Early Cretaceous there was a diverse dinosaur fauna on Svalbard and that both theropods and ornithopods were present at the time.
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Mezga, A., Tesovicm, B.C. & Bajraktarevic, Z. 2007. First record of
dinosaurs in the Late Jurassic of the Adriatic-Dinaridic Carbonate Platform
(Croatia). Palaios 22 (2): 188-199. doi: 10.2110/palo.2006.p06-043r.

All previously known dinosaur remains on the Adriatic-Dinaridic carbonate platform (ADCP) were described from Cretaceous deposits. A new trackbearing locality is late Tithonian in age and represents the oldest evidence of dinosaurs on the ADCP. The site is in an active quarry near the village of Kirmenjak in western Istria. Almost a thousand sauropod footprints including 23 single trackways have been found on the outcrop. Oval impressions represent pes prints, and horseshoe-shaped impressions represent manus prints; pes prints are 23 to 52 cm long. Calculated heights at the hip range from 153 to 306 cm. The main direction of dinosaur movement was toward the northeast, and some of the individuals were moving together. The trackways show a characteristic narrow gauge, and pace and stride lengths indicate a slow walk. The footprints are similar to Parabrontopodus ichnogenus, and the ichnocoenosis could be assigned to the Brontopodus ichnofacies. The presence of the sauropods on the Adriatic-Dinaridic carbonate platform during the Late Jurassic could be explained by connection with the African continent via its southern margins during emersion.

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Ciekawe, czy siÄ? da okre??liÄ? dok??adnie do jakiego rodzaju ornitopoda nale??Ä? ??lady z Arktyki?
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WÄ?tpiÄ? :(